About us

At Papuchie we embrace the art of craft with a range of exclusive, handmade products, ranging from leather slippers to our latest addition: stylish kimonos. Each piece is the result of years of experience and craftsmanship from our artisans, who work behind the scenes to deliver exceptional quality. In addition to our famous leather slippers, we now also offer kimonos, made from the finest blends of linen and cotton, each made with as much precision as our other products.

Our commitment to sustainability remains unchanged; our products are locally manufactured with a minimal environmental footprint. Our limited editions make each item unique and special, from leather slippers made from 100% recycled leather to kimonos that give new life to traditional fabrics.

At Papuchie we not only strive for customer satisfaction, but also for respect for our planet. Each product, handmade and sometimes limited edition, reflects our commitment to quality, sustainability and the uniqueness of craft. Discover the craftsmanship of Papuchie and experience the luxury of real handicrafts.