About us

At Papuchie we offer you artisanal leather top products of unparalleled quality. Our handmade gems are the result of years of experience and craftsmanship of our craftsmen, who consciously do not step into the spotlight, but still deliver exceptional quality. From leather slippers that fit your feet perfectly to fabric bags that are manufactured with equal precision, at Papuchie we guarantee a unique and high-quality product.

Our products are locally manufactured, leaving a minimal environmental footprint. In addition, because we offer our products in limited editions, our pieces are unique and special. At Papuchie we strive to feel good for both our customers and our planet.

Please note that all our products are handmade, so some models have limited availability. In addition, all our slippers are made from 100% recycled leather from various industries, such as for leather seats, etc. This means that we reuse materials that would otherwise be thrown away, contributing to a more sustainable production. At Papuchie we do not go for less than the best quality and durability.